Kathryn Stedham

Raven Tree, Grand Canyon


oil on canvas
48 x 60 in.
51.5 x 63.5 in. (framed)
I refer to Raven Tree, Grand Canyon as one of my true stories. Only painting places that I have seen with my own eyes, I traveled to the Grand Canyon in autumn and set up shop. I sat each day letting these immense scenes fill me, finding a place in my mind’s eye. One afternoon, as I was enjoying the depth created by growing shadows, two ravens magically appeared in the snag in front of me. When I thought all was lost because I could not get my camera to work properly, I noticed these two birds seemed to be waiting, posing for me to get it right. Once I returned to my studio and shifted through my references, I realized that it was this moment that had touched me deeply. Hence, these are the two ravens, one sailing off, already being consumed by the canyon’s great depths, in what is for these two, just another day.