Wild Horse Island Ram
Wild Horse Island Ram
Masters of the American West

Wild Horse Island Ram

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Tim Shinabarger
12 x 6.5 x 6 in.

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The Wild Horse Island ram is the world’s record holder for bighorn sheep horns. He lived out his life on Wild Horse Island in Flathead Lake, where he died of natural causes and was picked up by Fish Wildlife and Parks personnel. Because the island is a state park, the skull belongs to the people of Montana. Not only does this ram have the largest horns ever known to exist on a bighorn sheep, but to my eye they are some of the most beautiful. To an artist it isn’t the size so much as the beauty of the curl and the balance found in this particularly pleasing set of horns. Such massive horns are the direct result of a quality habitat. The Island is unique in that is has some of the last remaining natural Palouse prairie. A wonderful conservation success story, the island has provided more than 500 sheep to transplant into other areas as restoration efforts continue.