Terrance Guardipee


Terrance Guardipee is an internationally acclaimed Blackfeet painter and ledger artist, consistently recognized for the traditional depiction of his Blackfeet heritage and the contemporary innovation demonstrated in his work. Guardipee was one of the first Native artists to revive the historical ledger art tradition, and the first ledger artist to transform the style from the single-page custom into his signature map collage concept. The map collage concept is based on the ledger art style, but in addition to single-page ledgers he incorporates various antique documents such as maps, war rations, and checks. In all his artwork, Guardipee uses antique documents dating from the mid-19th century and typically originating from the historical and present Blackfeet homeland of Montana.

Guardipee is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana and illustrates his personal experience of Blackfeet culture in combination with his educational experience in his artwork. He was raised in the Blackfeet homeland in northern Montana, and as a result, the cultural life and history of the Blackfeet people became a foundational part of his identity. Moreover, he regularly participates in the traditional Blackfeet ceremonies often depicted in his artwork.

Guardipee’s understanding and personal knowledge of authentic Blackfeet history and traditional culture is expressed in his work. He lived in Montana until he attended the Institute of American Indian Arts located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he studied two-dimensional arts. His educational experience at IAIA enabled him to incorporate the contemporary color palette he is known for in a manner that is consistent with Blackfeet tradition.

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