Hyrum Joe

Father Sky, I Dance So That You May Show Me the Path to Happiness Here on Mother Earth


18 x 24 in.
21 x 27 in. (framed)
Such a fun drawing. The detail was a lot of work, but it really taught me to never rush things that are most important to you. I learned patience in this piece. The beautiful dark rain clouds in the background give contrast to his face, making it the drawing’s focal point . . . but also insinuate that moisture is soon to come to Southern Ute land in Colorado. His roach, the beaded roses on his vest, the golden eagle feathers, and the eagle talon on his staff were drawn with much precision and patience.
This Ute man is a father to young sons and daughters, and he dances for more strength and wisdom, humility, and more compassion. Raising children is never easy, and we all have our own way of doing what we can to receive greater spirituality. The drum beat and singing give this man inspiration from his Ancestors.