Gladys Roldan-de-Moras

Fiesta Charra in San Antonio


oil on linen
30 x 40 in.
38 x 48 in. (framed)
I am proud to represent my Spanish heritage in contemporary Western art with this painting portraying the solemn initial moments of a charreada (a charro festival) held during Fiesta San Antonio—a colorful, joyous celebration of culture, music, and tradition. This charreada (rodeo), held at the U.S.’s oldest lienzo charro (rodeo arena), is one of my favorite fiesta events. I love the courage of the participating international teams of charros and escaramuzas—their proud, elegantly clad female counterparts. Charrería runs in my veins. It is my desire that, through my art, people will learn about this sport that is passionately embraced and officially represented in the U.S. The American and Mexican flags head the colorful procession before the applause of an excited crowd.