Luke Frazier


Luke Frazier began sculpting and drawing at a very young age, encouraged by his creative father, Jesse Frazier. He was the middle child, with 16 siblings, mostly brothers. They would hunt, fish, and trap to provide for the family. The family would also take long road trips to the deserts of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, camping under the stars, sitting by campfires, sharing old stories of days gone by, and treasure-hunting for arrowheads, interesting stones, shed antlers, and lost artifacts. These early forays outdoors made a lasting impression, teaching valuable lessons on responsibility, the value of hard work, and the bond of family. He received his formal art training at Utah State University, where he earned a BFA degree in painting and an MFA degree in illustration.

As many good storytellers engage and hold their audience’s attention with descriptive language and creative mental images, Frazier encourages the viewer’s imagination by hinting at a message both visually and emotionally. He is a keen observer and immerses himself in his surroundings; his rugged and mature style skillfully captures the anatomy and presence of the subjects he paints. Preferring early morning or evening light, Frazier creates scenes from his memories and experiences while in the woods or on the water. His artistic style leans toward impressionistic or representational. “I try to be as accurate as possible with my drawing of the anatomy, and creative with my compositions.”

An avid sportsman, Frazier has traveled from Alaska to Africa. His passions include raising and training bird dogs; hunting and fishing; and photographing wildlife in their natural habitat. All of these have fortified his vision in what he creates.

Frazier loves research; he feels that we can learn from our past. “Art and history go hand-in-hand, and artists in the past were documenting the times in which they lived. Each artist has a voice, a different point of view of the world. Appreciate that, soak it up, learn how they solved their questions with the tools they had. Spend time at museums, study the masters, visit living artists, and learn all you can about the process.”

Luke Frazier is represented by Astoria Fine Art, Jackson, Wyoming; the Coeur d’Alene Galleries, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; the Greenwich Workshop, Seymour, Connecticut; Fama Fine Art, Houston, Texas; Legacy Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona; Pitzer’s Fine Arts, Wimberley, Texas; and the Sportsman’s Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina.

View the Autry’s interview with Luke Frazier here. Recorded live January/2023.


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