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Brittany Weistling began her career as a model for her artist dad, Morgan Weistling, before she could talk. At age six she shared the stage with her father at the Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale when the painting she posed for, The Dance, won the Purchase Award. Her mother, JoAnn Peralta, has painted her many times as well, and collectors have watched her grow up on canvas.

However, she has been studying all those years, too. She has attended the Autry’s Plein Air Paintout alongside her parents every year, and from a very young age has been immersed in the world of fine art. She has an accurate eye for detail, and focuses on taking her draftsmanship to the next level. Her artistic passion lies in painting figurative compositions and dramatically lit still lifes. She draws much of her inspiration from the Renaissance and Baroque masters. She has studied art history in college and takes figure drawing classes, but a majority of her learning comes from independent study of master fine artists and painting from life. While others her age were taking part-time work during high school, she was earning income from portrait commissions and selling her paintings directly off her website. In 2010 she received a commission from the Autry Museum.

At the age of 15, Weistling was invited to be a guest artist in the 2012 Masters of the American West, where one of her paintings hung on the artists’ Miniatures wall and three others were sold by retail. She was a guest artist the following year as well, showing the same quantity of work. Weistling was invited to be one of the participating artists in the 2015 Masters and has continued to participate annually since then. During the 2018 Masters, she was awarded a full-page advertisement from American Art Collector magazine for her piece The Painted Mirror.

In 2014 she was the subject of a feature article in Western Art Collector, and another article about her appeared in International Artist magazine. During that same year, her work was featured on the cover of Southwest Art magazine with her painting Emily, and she was one of the artists interviewed for Southwest Art’s article “21 Under 31.” In 2014 she was also invited to be in Settlers West’s American Miniatures show, which she has since been invited back to annually, as well as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s annual winter art sale, Small Works, Great Wonders.

Brittany Weistling is represented by InSight Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas.

View the Autry’s interview with Brittany Weistling here. Recorded live January/2023.


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