Bill Nebeker

Pick of the Remuda


15 x 16 x 6 in.
4 available / 30
Many ranches breed and raise large numbers of horses, their remuda, which the ranchers and cowboys use every day to perform their varied tasks. Working cowboys have very specific needs and wants when choosing a horse, depending on whether it’s to be used for working on a ranch, competing in a roping event, going to a “ranch rodeo,” gathering and branding cattle, or even chasing wild cows and mavericks. A cowboy looks for just the right mix of endurance, speed, and savvy, and often has his favorite horse in the remuda. Many modern ranches, especially the bigger outfits, breed and train very fine, well-trained horses. This bronze sculpture depicts one of the specially bred horses that could be used for several of these needs, making it the Pick of the Remuda.